Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Well first thing to note this week is I'm officially dreaming in Spanish. But I'm pretty sure my brain makes up a bunch of words, because I had a dream about harry potter and I have no idea how you say lots of magical words in Spanish, but in my dream I knew them.. so there's that. Which is pretty crazy. And I also 90% of my dreams are teaching people about prophets or another subject of the gospel, Which is hilarious. My comp and I were talking about how when we don't have lives this is what happens.

But on to the good stuff! This week! We had a big zone fast and we were all going for the goal that we could somehow have 2 baptisms on Saturday. Right now we don't have investigators that are going to church, and since they have to go to church 5 times before they can be baptized, it seems as though that would be impossible! But we took a look at our old investigators and we found a family that went to church a bunch already but never got baptized. We went to go find them, found them, and have an appointment with them today! It should be interesting, and I'm pretty excited to see how it goes. 

Saturday we went to go eat with Hermana Maria, and as always she wanted to visit every single one of her neighbors with us. She is THE best member missionary in the whole world. 

New years eve was fun! We didn't do much crazy, but you can refer to my pics in a second to check out what went down, and the tamales chipilin con polloooo was super rico and I ate 3. Hope you all had a great New Years too!! Love you!

Hermana McNaught

Pics- Hermana Ramirez and I both complete months in the mission the same day because we entered the MTC on the 25th of the month! This day one of the ladies in the ward didn't have time to feed us, so she gave us money to go buy something, which never happens. And we had our own little party in the plaza for an hour.

Also new years eve a lady in the ward invited us to the hospital with her to give out tamales to the people waiting outside for their loved ones. Here new years is more of a family day which is pretty cool. Pretty much every holiday here is  a family day, not a day to leave with your friends. So it was fun to go teach or share small messages with the people who were a little sad to be without someone on a family holiday. 

Also instead of kissing on midnight they stuff 12 grapes in their mouths as they count down the seconds and make a wish on every one! We didn't have grapes so we just stuffed our mouths with sweet tarts. Fun times.

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