Tuesday, June 9, 2015

It was a great birthday!!!
We showed up to eat with hermana Nimia and Angie  and they threw me a surprise with cake and everything :))
Fernando and his mom and sister gave me a little mini cake (which got stuffed in my face haha) and his mom gave me a blouse :)
Our hermana Leaders came over  the night before my birthday and brought cake and pizza and we celebrated
And when we went to visit johnny and luna, their grandma knew it was my birthday and invited me to eat too :))
And the bishop and his wife brought me flowers at the end of the day and our leader missional brought us dinner (tacos yum)

Every house we entered, we ate!!!!
also our new district, which is awesome! Elder Sanchez, MadueƱo, me and Gutierrez, Hansen, and Birk. Elder Birk is our DL

Monday, May 25, 2015

Today are cambios! But it turns out that hermana Gutierrez and I will be staying here together for another 6 weeks. yayyy!
This week I think I have seen more miracles in my mission than any other. One of my favorites was when we were walking to go eat with a member, and my comp started helping some lady move something heavy. She asked if she needed help, and it turns out they were moving their house and yes needed help! We came back an hour later, and it turns out some of their family is members! They listened to us and are now our newest investigators :) 
Well, this week was great. Sometimes I think about how hard or stressed I might feel during the week, but I love this area, because when Sunday rolls around, we always seem to be able to view our rewards! I love it! 

                        Johnny, Luna and their mom! And sari, the bishops daughter who wanted in on the picture.

We also had a big cleaning up service project, and I was just way happy because that means that I was with hermana Ramirez for another 3 hours!! yay!

Monday, April 20, 2015

My new companions name is Hermana Gutierrez and she is 20 years old and she is from Aguas Calientes and she has her BFF's here in the mission.  She is a non stop talker, which is super fun until you want to sleep haha. She's has tons of crazy ideas and is definitely a way creative person.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Hiking in the Tuxtla mountains

                                       going to a zone conference and we are matching

                             Bishop and his family took us hiking in the Tuxtla mountains

Monday, March 9, 2015

My first transfer ever!!!! Whooo, definitely feel like I am just starting the mission again and it is definitely a little strange. The members here are awesome though and when you show up make you feel right at home! So it is easy to get to know them.. Pretty funny at first though, because most of them start out speaking only to my comp thinking that I'm brand new and cant understand what they are saying. Then when I reply they ask me how long I have been out in the mission.
My companion is hermana Morelos from the cuidad de Mexico! She is great and has a fun bubbly personality and just likes to laugh. We're going to be friends I know it. 

We have been going to work and the area is awesome. There is so much work here and the members help out a bunch. We have 2 baptisms planned for this Saturday and a couple more people who will be baptized in the following month. So I have high hopes to be here for a long time! 

In the ward there are 4 missionaries again like in cordova. 2 hermanas (us) and 2 elders (leaders of the zone) and the zone leaders are pretty much opening up their area.

Getting used to teaching with a new companion is always interesting! Its definitely good because you change up the lessons, so that you aren't just teaching out of routine. Hermana Morelos asks a million questions and its different, but I like it. The whole inviting people to be baptized thing is tricky, because I was just throwing it out there to everyone in tapachula, and if people accepted we went back with them, and if not nope.  but she says that she hardly ever invites to baptism here until they feel like the people will accept. Its different, but something is working because they are having baptisms..  I've learned a lot about that this week and we are starting to get used to teaching together and its great. But its easy with her, she is a good companion and we'll definitely enjoy this cambio. I am learning more than I have in my whole mission and feel like I am in my training again because I have no choice but to literally rely on the savior. 

The house is pretty normal, a little smaller than the one we had in tapachula. and its all blue. Like a million different shades of blue that kind of make you want to throw up, but it has AC and hot showers so I'm happy.  the bishops wife gives us the keys to her house on pday so we can use her washer for our clothes... so that's awesome.

Oh and the Internet is a lot faster which is stellar. 

Last hug from Yessenia
With the family Rebeca don't mind my hair.. Tapachula is hot Tuxtla is not
Our first Sunday together! The church is way pretty, like it actually has normal pews and everything and I feel like I am in the states.
Vivi who always goes out to preach with us. Is getting ready to leave on her mission!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Well this week has been jam packed crazy!

Friday night (or Saturday morning) at 1 in the morning we all met up at the church and got on a bus to Tuxtla to listen to elder Oaks!!!! I didn't know if I should be more excited to see hermana canalizo and ortega or him.. hehe. But I did get to see all of my friends, and I actually saw elder Johnson too, who has gotten ridiculously tall if I can just mention that. The best was seeing hermana canalizo as she is going home this week!

But what was the best was actually listening to elder oaks!!!! He shook every one of our hands and greeted us personally, it was so cool.  He got up and said that he loved what president George said and the whole theme of what everyone said was a lot about how we have to put aside our cultural differences and be good companions and live the culture of the gospel. That we have to teach our investigators and not regaƱarles (scold). He admitted that he didn't have a talk prepared, but he talked a lot about stuff that we should share with investigators. Especially the sacrament. I liked it best when he just told us all that God loved us. I felt happy. :) We drove back to tapachula that same day and I was dying from lack of sleep, but we haven't died yet hehe. 

We also found a new family! THEY ARE SO AMAZING! we just met them in the street and it was just a dad and a couple of his kids and we went to the appointment and they weren't there. Usually when that happens we don't go back, but with them, Sunday night we decided we should go back. We did, the dad was there again with another kid that we hadn't met yet and they listened to our message. It killed me because the Dad looks and acts so much like Dad. Has his colored polo with some Bermuda shorts and dark skin and was just some relaxed guy that fell asleep reading the paper when we showed up. He told us that he is having a really tough time because his wife died a year ago and he got a little teary eyed but didn't cry too much and then said that he just wanted a church for his kids. His attitude about church and why we go and everything was just 10000% dad. It was killing me.

It will be exciting to see what happens with these people over email with hermana Ramirez, because tomorrow I'm headed to Tuxtla! I got transferred and will be there with hermana Moreles who I have no idea about. my DL is going to be my new district leader in t=Tuxtla again

Some pics

Hermana Canalizo!!!
The elders had a baptism: Ivett 
AMALIA a reference from the ward, she is finally progressing and happily reading the book of mormon and wanting to come to church. Good lady.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Well today is Pday and I'm excited because we got permission to go to Hermana Tia's house (now she is in the area of the elders in our ward) so we are going to go eat with her. yeah! This week has been great and full of different activities. First on Monday, we had our regular pday. Tuesday we had our district meeting, Wednesday we had our all day activity with president George, and we watched "conozca a los mormones" or meet the Mormons and it was soooo good! I imagine that its already been in Utah and that maybe you've all already seen it. But It was super super good. If you haven't seen it you should check it out and invite your neighbors.
Thursday was a normal da.y
Friday we got up early to go clean up a park with our zone, but not like pick up a little trash, we pretty much took out trees, this park was badddd, but by the end it was looking pretty good! AND the big old spiders that run away when I weed don't even phase me. 
Saturday, another normal day.  Sunday we met with the bishop in ward council and because its part of the plan for Mexico 2015 to start family history. We were trying to figure out how we could help the ward get involved in Family History, so Hermana Ramirez and I offered to teach the ward council on Saturday afternoon. Only the bishop and Carlos showed up, but we helped them out and now they've got names to take to the temple!

Had my second activity again in Izapa and It was good even the second time, to my surprise I understood a lot more than I did when we went in the first 2 weeks of my mission (language barrier). The first time Hermana Canalizo messed with me SO bad and told me that the ruins were an MTC for the Nephrites. liessss....love her :)  I feel like I've got the most time in one area than any other missionary here in Tapachula!  My favorite was that after the activity we had time to play basketball. It's like your one day of vacation on your mission and it only happens every 6 months!

Pictures of our district and district leaders....etc