Monday, March 9, 2015

My first transfer ever!!!! Whooo, definitely feel like I am just starting the mission again and it is definitely a little strange. The members here are awesome though and when you show up make you feel right at home! So it is easy to get to know them.. Pretty funny at first though, because most of them start out speaking only to my comp thinking that I'm brand new and cant understand what they are saying. Then when I reply they ask me how long I have been out in the mission.
My companion is hermana Morelos from the cuidad de Mexico! She is great and has a fun bubbly personality and just likes to laugh. We're going to be friends I know it. 

We have been going to work and the area is awesome. There is so much work here and the members help out a bunch. We have 2 baptisms planned for this Saturday and a couple more people who will be baptized in the following month. So I have high hopes to be here for a long time! 

In the ward there are 4 missionaries again like in cordova. 2 hermanas (us) and 2 elders (leaders of the zone) and the zone leaders are pretty much opening up their area.

Getting used to teaching with a new companion is always interesting! Its definitely good because you change up the lessons, so that you aren't just teaching out of routine. Hermana Morelos asks a million questions and its different, but I like it. The whole inviting people to be baptized thing is tricky, because I was just throwing it out there to everyone in tapachula, and if people accepted we went back with them, and if not nope.  but she says that she hardly ever invites to baptism here until they feel like the people will accept. Its different, but something is working because they are having baptisms..  I've learned a lot about that this week and we are starting to get used to teaching together and its great. But its easy with her, she is a good companion and we'll definitely enjoy this cambio. I am learning more than I have in my whole mission and feel like I am in my training again because I have no choice but to literally rely on the savior. 

The house is pretty normal, a little smaller than the one we had in tapachula. and its all blue. Like a million different shades of blue that kind of make you want to throw up, but it has AC and hot showers so I'm happy.  the bishops wife gives us the keys to her house on pday so we can use her washer for our clothes... so that's awesome.

Oh and the Internet is a lot faster which is stellar. 

Last hug from Yessenia
With the family Rebeca don't mind my hair.. Tapachula is hot Tuxtla is not
Our first Sunday together! The church is way pretty, like it actually has normal pews and everything and I feel like I am in the states.
Vivi who always goes out to preach with us. Is getting ready to leave on her mission!

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