Monday, September 29, 2014

Whoo this writing time goes by SO FAST and I used up all my time sending pictures.. So I promise that next week will be better! Sorry to everyone. 
This week was super great! We had our baptism with David!! It was crazy insane because he still needed like 2.5 lessons and we only had an hour to teach them before his interview with our district leader. So it was a little chaotic, but he is so ready and has been going to church for 2 months. His first Sunday was my first Sunday! He is my first real convert, because his first lesson was with me. He was so happy after his baptism and was talking about how good he felt and really couldn't stop talking about it! I have such a strong testimony of these feelings! I know that every week with the sacrament we can feel these same clean feelings again and again. The longer I am out here the more I realize there is a 0% chance I'm ever going to be close to perfect, but I feel super happy that every week we can have another chance. Another chance to obey a little better and to help others a little more. 
This week we found some great new people! First of all, we had a lesson with Octavio, and Javier and David were there helping with the lesson. Octavio is going to get baptized, he is super interested!! Just that he works on Sundays. That's the only problem! But its exciting!
We contacted this one guy on the street this week and he was talking about how he was baptized but never really a member and how he's done so much bad that he can't come back. Hermana Canalizo was like, no you can! ¨´Have you ever killed somebody??¨´And he paused for a second... and then said mas or menos!! I shouldn't be laughing, but the point is that hermana canalzio was trying to get the point across that he isn't that bad but the guy had like killed someone. So we contacted him and invited him to church and everything. And then guess who was at chruch? him! And he came to a baptism of a little girl in the ward that we taught a couple of lessons to (Abish) As well. He knows its time to change and I am happy that we ran into him. Sometimes people just need a little push to come back and start repenting. But he isn't in our area so we will pass on his reference to other missionaries.
I don't have a bunch to say, but I do want to bear my testimony on how right now is the time that we have to change our lives. I know that that is what this life is for. There are so many people that we teach that have excuses for not coming to church or reading their scriptures or praying. There will ALWAYS be an excuse. Satan it the master of procrastination. We have to change now!! But I know its possible and I'm so grateful for my savior for this. Love you all and hope you have a great week!
Hermana McNaught


Monday, September 22, 2014

Sept 22, 2014

Alright! This week was another good one! I've got a load of pictures to send, but these computers are super hit and miss, and today its not working on mine... so next week lets all cross our fingers! Monday after PDay finished we went out with this hermano that this week just came home from his mission early. Him and his baby brother came out with us. At first I was super skeptical, because before we even started he started giving us some criticism and I was not about to have that. But then I was thinking how I could either just throw the rest of the day away or show him that I'm actually awesome. So me and Hermana Canalizo were like on fire. Seriously, we were contacting everyone and I felt like I talked a lot more in the lessons, and it was like the Spanish was coming a lot easier! That day we had a family home evening with a member and their neighbor who was close to being an investigator. And in this lesson she FINALLY accepted a baptism date!!! whooooooo. And she was at church on Sunday and we have another FHE with them tonight and she'll be there. YAYYY! Her name is Edith was actually super helpful! Turns out I can actually step it up a lot more.. It was a good wake up call. And we are all friends now, so I'm happy about that. Also at the end of the day, he told me that I speak as if I've lived in Mexico for 6 months!! Which is definitely not true, but I felt pretty good about that. The language is like hit and miss. Some days its good and some days I don't have any clue what is going on. but everyday I think I am improving. Anyway, this set the tone for the whole week! It was awesome. Super grateful for him. Also with Cambio's!! Hermana Hickman, who's blog I read before my mission is in my zone now, which is really cool. I feel like I met a celebrity.
Contacting in the colectivos is always the hardest and me and canalizo sometimes chicken out. But If I say hello and start it out then hermana canalizo always does good, we make a good team, because I'm less scared to just be like "hi my names hermana mcnaught and I'm a missionary and a little weird, but how are you?" and afterward she is better at spanish and keeps it all going. But this week, we had a bet on whoever ate their flan the slowest had to contact the entire colectivo and invite them to our activity on Saturday. I was like alright its on. And I lost hardcore. So I talked a lot on the combis. But we got some appointments out of it, so hey, its all for the Lord am I right?  Sometimes hermana Canalizo teases me because there have been two times where I have accidentally had some attitude in my contacting... I don't mean to. Its not super bad, but hermana canlizo thinks its So funny. But the best was yesterday this guy was like "Hey beautiful girl" and all this stuff, which usually we just ignore but he was so close to us and we were waiting for a bus, so I was like alright. And Hermana Canalizo tells the story best, but I guess a just flipped around and moved my hair out of the way from my plaque and was pointed to it and said "hi, I'm A MISSIONARY for the church of JesusCrist of LDS and just started turning it into this weird contact it was way funny, but bad because I never realize when I'm like that. My comp tells me I am turning into a Mexican with my attitude.

Oh and get this! There are always a ton of earthquakes here and people are just super used to them, and I have felt 2 already!! one night I was talking to my zone leader and he was like, "can you feel the earthquake" and I was like "uhhh... woah, yeah I can!" and then we had a missionary activity on Saturday with the whole zone and we sang hymns and watched mormon messages and stuff which turned out pretty good, and after our first song there was another mini earthquake! Wow! Also, speaking of activities, there was another one last night with some guy from the US who came to speak more about Izapa and how we are living in BOM country. pretty cool stuff, although I didn't really hear any of it because we were making appointments with people. Also there have been some of the craziest thunder storms of my whole life. HOLY COW! The other night at 2 AM there was the LOUDEST crack and me and hermana canalizo both woke up and she's like "HERMANA ARE YOU OK?"  I said yeah I'm good, was that an earthquake?" Super funny because I was so tired the first thing I though of was that there was an earthquake. Nope, just rain. 
Oh! and update on our investigator David! He has been kind of hit and miss, and not really willing to listen to our charlas but comes to church every week. So we finally got a hold of him and we were like, whats your deal?? And turns out he just doesn't want to invite his parents to his baptism. so we told him it wasn't a requirement, and now he feels lots better! He will be baptized on Saturday! We just have to teach him nearly all of the lessons this week! But he is ready and excited!!   
Also this cambio we have the goal of baptizing two families! And its totally possible because for every general conference someone attends it counts as a church attendance! We already found one family to teach and taught them a lesson yesterday and they are golden! So we are hoping that they are the one!! And there is one more that are good potentials as well!! The field is white already to harvest! God loves us! He cares about our families so much. He wants us to be happy, and I know that we can be if we are living how we should! 
Love you and have a great week!
hermana McNaught (Macnouuuuut in a spanish accent)

Monday, September 8, 2014

So this week!! Wow Time is literally flying. I am about to reach my second cambio! Its definitely possible that me and Hermana Canalizo might not be companions this next change, because right now we are actually working 2 areas, and we hope that by the next exchange there will be some missionaries to cover the other area we are covering right now. The thing is that they are probably going to send hermana Canalizo and a new missionary to one of the areas and leave me here with a different trainer to take care of this area. But who knows! I'm really hoping that nothing changes. 
This week went pretty normally! 

Yesterday we finished our fast at the house of the one of the families in our ward! They are the family that I told you about earlier and they just have super adorable children, loads of references for us and the mom reminds me a lot of Aunt Chrissy. So the other day we were talking about what foods I liked from the U.S. because these people are English professors and they love to learn about the states. And I was like; I really like lazagna. And they don't eat bread here which is kind of a bummer, mostly they just have tortillas at every meal, but never bread. I miss bread! So we show up to dinner, and what did she make? LASAGNA AND SALAD AND BREAD! awhhh it was probably the nicest thing ever. I love people.
Okay, until next time! I love you all! Have a great week!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Hola everyone!

So this weeks update is going to be a little shorter, sorry! But Yesterday we had a baptism!! My very first of my mission. Really I'm just lucky and blessed to be able to see this so early in my mission. I feel like I didn't even do much to help convert our investigator, but then again the spirit does that anyway right? He was so good. His parents aren't members and are devout catholic, but the church helped their son change so much and they are so grateful for the missionaries. His mom was crying the whole time. It was really beautiful. And his testimony was like so solid. Here the investigators have to attend at least 5 Sundays before they can be baptized, and he had like 7. He was ready to go. What an amazing person!! 
Yesterday I had to give a talk in church and it was the scariest thing I have ever had to do!! haha I don't know Spanish! I spoke about faith hope and charity and threw in temples because

I love the temples. Our investigator told me after he gave his testimony at his baptism that he knew how I felt in my talk. He's like I didn't know what to say! I was like me either! It is seriously so funny how greenies are just like there investigators. We don't know the language or what is going on, but we have testimonies!
This week was great and we just keep finding new people to teach, although they don't always follow through, but the field is super white here! I love it. The strangest thing I had to do this week was eat cow stomach. hermana Canalizo said that was the best prepared cow stomach she has ever had, but i am here to tell you it was not only awful, I thought I was going to die! That was the first time in my mission I have felt like I just couldn't put it away and it came back to bite me let me tell ya... ah the things missionaries do to gain the members trust am I right??
Have a great week everyone!