Monday, September 8, 2014

So this week!! Wow Time is literally flying. I am about to reach my second cambio! Its definitely possible that me and Hermana Canalizo might not be companions this next change, because right now we are actually working 2 areas, and we hope that by the next exchange there will be some missionaries to cover the other area we are covering right now. The thing is that they are probably going to send hermana Canalizo and a new missionary to one of the areas and leave me here with a different trainer to take care of this area. But who knows! I'm really hoping that nothing changes. 
This week went pretty normally! 

Yesterday we finished our fast at the house of the one of the families in our ward! They are the family that I told you about earlier and they just have super adorable children, loads of references for us and the mom reminds me a lot of Aunt Chrissy. So the other day we were talking about what foods I liked from the U.S. because these people are English professors and they love to learn about the states. And I was like; I really like lazagna. And they don't eat bread here which is kind of a bummer, mostly they just have tortillas at every meal, but never bread. I miss bread! So we show up to dinner, and what did she make? LASAGNA AND SALAD AND BREAD! awhhh it was probably the nicest thing ever. I love people.
Okay, until next time! I love you all! Have a great week!

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