Tuesday, June 9, 2015

It was a great birthday!!!
We showed up to eat with hermana Nimia and Angie  and they threw me a surprise with cake and everything :))
Fernando and his mom and sister gave me a little mini cake (which got stuffed in my face haha) and his mom gave me a blouse :)
Our hermana Leaders came over  the night before my birthday and brought cake and pizza and we celebrated
And when we went to visit johnny and luna, their grandma knew it was my birthday and invited me to eat too :))
And the bishop and his wife brought me flowers at the end of the day and our leader missional brought us dinner (tacos yum)

Every house we entered, we ate!!!!
also our new district, which is awesome! Elder Sanchez, Madueño, me and Gutierrez, Hansen, and Birk. Elder Birk is our DL

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