Monday, February 23, 2015

Well today is Pday and I'm excited because we got permission to go to Hermana Tia's house (now she is in the area of the elders in our ward) so we are going to go eat with her. yeah! This week has been great and full of different activities. First on Monday, we had our regular pday. Tuesday we had our district meeting, Wednesday we had our all day activity with president George, and we watched "conozca a los mormones" or meet the Mormons and it was soooo good! I imagine that its already been in Utah and that maybe you've all already seen it. But It was super super good. If you haven't seen it you should check it out and invite your neighbors.
Thursday was a normal da.y
Friday we got up early to go clean up a park with our zone, but not like pick up a little trash, we pretty much took out trees, this park was badddd, but by the end it was looking pretty good! AND the big old spiders that run away when I weed don't even phase me. 
Saturday, another normal day.  Sunday we met with the bishop in ward council and because its part of the plan for Mexico 2015 to start family history. We were trying to figure out how we could help the ward get involved in Family History, so Hermana Ramirez and I offered to teach the ward council on Saturday afternoon. Only the bishop and Carlos showed up, but we helped them out and now they've got names to take to the temple!

Had my second activity again in Izapa and It was good even the second time, to my surprise I understood a lot more than I did when we went in the first 2 weeks of my mission (language barrier). The first time Hermana Canalizo messed with me SO bad and told me that the ruins were an MTC for the Nephrites. her :)  I feel like I've got the most time in one area than any other missionary here in Tapachula!  My favorite was that after the activity we had time to play basketball. It's like your one day of vacation on your mission and it only happens every 6 months!

Pictures of our district and district leaders....etc

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