Monday, February 2, 2015

Well the title says it all, this week was crazy with it's ups and downs and I have never felt so weird. There's a quote in PMG that goes something like "when you have tried your hardest, you might still feel disappointments, but you can be sure that God is happy with you when you feel the Spirit testifying of your words". Feeling like we were working super hard this week to do what we had to do to get everyone to church and to commit people to baptism and everything, but once Sunday rolls around nobody shows up... bummer. But we have decided that it's like a test. That God wants to see what we are going to do when we have lots of weeks where almost nobody comes to church or nobody is progressing. Are we going to give up and stop working, or are we going to keep on keeping on? There's a scripture in the book of mormon; Nephi says that every time he wants to rejoice and be happy he remembers he's a sinner and feels sad again. But then he remembers Christ and if he has confidence in him he CAN actually be happy. All we have to do is rely on Christ's atonement and we can be happy. We have the power to change and to change others.

We have 2 investigators who are siblings of an inactive member that we are visiting and they are doing good. This week we had a day of divisions or splits with 2 youth in the ward Cintia and Nayrobi from the family from the bakery. I went with Cintita and Hermana Ramirez with Nayrobi. It was fun because we contacted every person to get them excited about missionary work. Our new DL is now giving us "colors" to contact every day. The day of divisions was the color red so everyone that we saw who had something red we had to contact. But other than that, pretty much all of the appointments we had were not there and it was only a slightly productive day. BUT I felt a lot better when we all met up at the house of our investigator for the last lesson of the day and Cintia wanted to share an experience that she had during the lesson. She said during the day she had the question of whether she should go on a mission or not because she's about to turn 19. and during the day with me it helped her with my experience in choosing to serve a mission and what I had to do to receive an answer if I should go. After a week of a little discouragement or moments of feeling that maybe I wasn't doing a whole lot of good, it was super sweet to hear that at least for her I had made an impact this week. 

This week should be great though! It's hermana Ramirez's birthday tomorrow - shout out to McKayla Aunt Shar and Raven too! hope all of you have a fantastic week and that you pray and read your scriptures. God loves us, he sends us mini trials and big trials and wants us to move forward. It's all so that we can be better and make it back to him better than we were yesterday. No pain no gain I suppose. Can't wait to tell you next Monday about how awesome his coming week will be. 
Thanks for all of our prayers and support I love you all! 
Hermana McNaught

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