Monday, February 9, 2015

This week was still a little slow.. we actually ended up finding one of our male investigators and it turns out that yes he is interested still, but that he started school and is still working like crazy and therefore pretty much has no time in his life. BUT another hermana investigator came to church and is way excited! We have another appointment with them on Wednesday and we are thinking we will have a baptism with her. She's hilarious and most of her questions are super random like "but if i kill someone and I had to kill them it's not a sin am I right?" or about if drunk people can feel the spirit.. But she's a good investigator and we are going to work hard with her.

Also best of the best of the best was last night. We went to go find a house of 2 cousins that we contacted in the streets. Turns out this house is more like a door for a whole bunch of apartments where students live.. so it turned out impossible to find them (tricky tricksters those 2) But it was SO COOL. Because we couldn't get in past the front door to start searching for them because it was locked.. so we were just waiting around and then 2 boys showed up who were moving in and asked us if we wanted to pass. We were like yes please. And then after asking them if they knew these contacts we were searching for we went to knock on the door that we thought was theirs (the cousins). It turned out it totally wasn't them, but that it was some other girl and she is so crazy golden I was going to cry. It's like after a few weeks of feeling like everything is falling through that at the end of the week the last hour of work God gave us someone that is totally definitely going to be baptized. Wow. We left pretty happy and it just reaffirmed my testimony that there is no such thing as a coincidence. We invited her to baptism in March and she accepted so easy and was like "it would be nice if we could go to church together though, can you pass by for me?" Uh yes. 

One of my favorite things we are doing right now as a mission is helping people learn about family search and family history. It has been so awesome to understand a little better the website and get other people started in finding their own ancestors! Hermana Claudia bore her testimony yesterday about how if we aren't doing our family history, we don't have our salvation.. pretty hard words, but it's true. God wants us to do this work for those who have already passed! And you really can feel the excitement and spirit of it right when you start.

SO MUCH FUNNY STUFF happened this week. From Hermana Flores (instead of Hermana Ramirez) on the birthday cake to that little old lady giving us Popsicle. One of my favorites was when we went out to go visit more of Hermana Maria's references. We were waiting at a door for the lady to come out and we kept knocking and shouting buenas tardes but nothing was happening.. then we heard "Buenas tardes!"... we knocked again and heard "VOY" which means I'm coming! and we were just laughing so hard because it was a talking bird! And hermana Ramirez jokingly responded "ah bueno, aqui le esperamos" hehehe aw man we just lose it sometimes laughing, but the funniest things happen with hermana Ramirez. 

I love this gospel and I am grateful for all of you and for God in my life. If there is one thing that I learned this week is that we do things out of Love for God. We can obey for all sorts of reasons, but nothing will ever ever help us to change if we don't do it out of love. For example Nephi, Laman and Lemuel all obeyed God and went to get the plates.. why was Nephi blessed more than his brothers? Because he loved God, he allowed the experience to change him. So applicable am I right?

I hope that you all have a wonderful week! 
Hermana McNaught

We ate pozole which is Hermana Ramirez's favorite food (thanks to hermana Lilia)
We ate a cake on Thursday with the entire zone that said happy birthday hermana Flores... hahaha Hermana Lilia forgot my companions name. We laughed pretty hard
We had a surprise cake eating at Cintia  house on Tuesday! I was crazy impressed with being able to plan that without hermana Ramirez knowing. Everything turned out awesome. We planned it all in the day of divisions we had last week and in secret phone calls. We also ate m&m pancakes in the morning and the elders in the district gave her gifts which was super nice because one of them was a huge tub of ice cream which I can also benefit from :)

 We also contacted this little old lady on my comps birthday and shout out she gave us Popsicles for helping her with her bags and 2 references. my favorite was when she wanted to give us 2 more Popsicles of flavor mame and my comp said "well it is my birthday" hahaha. And the surprise cake in a family house!

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