Monday, December 22, 2014

My life is just getting better and better, seriously!!! Missionary work is all sorts of crazy, but we are working hard to find people and keep track of them at the same time! I think it would be safe to say this week was my favorite in all my mission! We had TONS of activities. To start of we had a ward christmas dinner, which was really more like a party. And our new investigators showed up!!! It was awesome! think they really liked the activity! J was there too, and we are prepping him for baptism and he is super gung ho, but he needs interviews with president and everything. It was fun to watch all the people in the ward that I have really come to love sing and dance and show there talents in the ward Christmas dinner. I was just thinking about how much I seriously love this ward.
On Saturday we had another awesome activity with president George! J was supposed to have his interview with president George at that time, but he didn't show up. Later we found him and asked him what happened, and he said he got there 15 minutes late because the only way possible to get there was on foot all the way from the center of tapachula and he walked the whole way! So he missed his interview and now President George is back in Tuxtla. So we are just waiting the next possible time. But J is excited for baptism. 
AND!!!!!! probably the best Christmas present of my whole life. V was able to have his interview with president on Saturday and told us he would tell us what day he could have his baptism this week. Well, Sunday morning we got a call from him and he said that he wanted to get baptized in like 3 hours! SOOO we may have ditched out on relief society to make things look nice. It was a little crazy, but awesome. And Alejandra, his daughter, is SUPER happy. In Sunday School Gospel Principles, the missionaries always end up teaching the class because our ward mission leader is menos activo.. which is not awesome. But the class was really good. Only JA and V were there so we talked about baptism. I might have cried a little out of super joy that I feel for V. But I felt pretty good because A and V were crying too.. V told me that he feels like we're his daughters and he is just super happy for the angels that showed up at his door to soften his heart. Obviously we didn't do anything, but it feels really good to feel like you are doing your job as a missionary. And we are going to eat dinner at his house on Christmas as a district!!!!! We had to get all kinds of permission to do it, but yeah!! I'm way excited. Christmas is going to be great. Can't wait to see your beautiful faces.
Also, spiritual thought for you all because I just finished the book of mormon!! You should read it. There is just no other way to put it. I've got a pretty firm testimony that if we are reading the book, we won't go astray! I love love love how when Mormon is writing his son and the end of the book he talks a ton about love and charity. If we are living worthy of the Spirit, the spirit can give us these gifts of love and charity that we seek. We just have to be open to it and clean ourselves out and the Spirit really can do the rest. I love this gospel and my mission. Wow can NOT wait for Wednesday!!!!

Hermana McNaught

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