Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving, because there is lots to be grateful for! This week went by REAL quick, just like all the other weeks.

Monday: We had family home evening with a Family! His daughter was there too, and it was the first time she heard her Father had accepted a baptism date. She was so excited!! She lives with her mom, so she didn't know. But it is so great, because she is super excited to have her dad come to church with her. Right now she is the only member of her family.

Wednesday: We had intercambios! This time I was with Hermana Taylor, one of our sister training leaders. She is 6ft 2" and is from Utah! My first day in the field with a gringa and let me tell ya it was so much fun! In the night we even spoke in English which was a nice difference. Also in the night we found another monster spider and it was pretty funny to here English phrases like "holy flip" instead of a la mecha as we took 30 minutes to kill the stinking thing. 

But during intercambios, The most amazing thing was that nearing the end of the day, we were in a lesson with 2 female investigators. We planned on just having a short lesson because we only had an hour until we had a family home evening at Hermano Abadia's house (picture from last week.. same family) and we had to teach another investigator before the Family home evening. But the first investigator confided a lot of stuff with us and had a lot to say, so we were at her house for the full hour! I was starting to get a little panicky (on the inside, outside super calm obviously) because I really didn't know what we were going to do. We had already called the other investigator to tell him we were going to be late during the day, and I didn't want to call again and cancel.. BUT then at the end of the lesson hermano abadia sent me a message saying that he wanted to invite the other investigator to his Family home evening! Wow, the lord knows what we need and will not leave us without help!

On Friday we helped hermana Daisy (who was at church AGAIN this week!!!) an inactive member of many years set up her Christmas stuff. Her house is tiny and the front looks totally decked out. Its great. 

On Sunday we had an activity for the stake about missionary work! It was to help other youth get excited to leave, and I felt like I was in the MTC again. It really is exciting this whole missionary work thing!

Also we have been teaching this 20 year old girl who is a little rebellious, but wants to change her ways. We've been helping her quit smoking and partying and stuff. Saturday night she went to a fiesta and kind of fell through.. but on Sunday when we visited she was like "yeah I'm done partying,I don't want to be like this anymore. It was really great. She is going to be amazing!

And that is pretty much my week! Hope everyone has a great week!

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