Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Asi es, in the mission you just do weird stuff. Here's the stats:

1 tarantula killed (I thought I would start off big for you mom) The garbage collector came with his machete to cut our lawn (yep that's real life here) and he said that we've got rats and lots of animals in our backyard!!! yay!! So later that day we came home to a lovely little surprise. Thank goodness for bug spray not even kidding.
10000 cockroaches killed (maybe exaggerating)
1 scared out of her mind companion (hermana AvendaƱo)
35 tortillas eaten (probably not exaggerating)
1 interview with president George
17 lessons taught
2 amazing investigators rolling
1 french guy I found in the grocery store (the most diversity I've seen here) turns out he's atheist... bummer
7 miracles (at the very least)

There you have it! This week was pretty good!

So V! I said that we were going to invite him again to baptism and guess what he said...yes!  We shared Moroni 10 with him and he told us he was waiting for a sign from God that all of this was the truth. After we shared the scripture I told him that the peace we feel from the spirit is our sign. And then he said "I'm so happy that you told me, because I have felt so peaceful this week, and I didn't understand why. Yes I will be baptized." It was like one of those mormon messages you see where everything is literally perfect and it felt so good! the spirit is real and really can testify that the truth is the truth! He is already to go, just needs to quit smoking. But that's easy right?

Also J (20 years old) was at church this week too. He lives alone in Hermana Oralia's restaurant type thing. It was perfect because we went to pick him up for church and we caught him with alcohol in hand ready to drink, and he put it down, and came to church instead! yay! He's pretty golden. Him and V have changed so much from the first lessons! V was super catholic and told us he already had is saints and everything. J was pretty guarded, but now we are his best friends! It is so great to be a missionary. Sometimes I feel more like a counselor, but its a privilege to be here! 

I'm just nearing the end of my book of Mormon, and I know every missionary says it, but holy cow that book is good!! We had a lesson with an inactive family, L and I and L. Her husband J has cancer, and they started going to a different church that is giving them more service than us. I have never felt so sad in a lesson. Literally crying, I bore my testimony of Joseph Smith. Probably the most dramatic I'll ever be in my life, but I felt so sad!! People who have the blessings of the temple and know what is true, but then say it doesn't matter where you go to church have forgotten about the restoration. The book of mormon is the only way we can keep up our testimonies of the gospel. It's easy to doubt, but if we continually gain more faith, we will always be okay. So read your Book of Mormon. If its true, than this whole gospel is true. its "The Keystone of our religion". I love this gospel and I love being a missionary!!! 

Hermana McNaught

November 17th

Well hey

This week was so great! The first couple weeks of the transfer were really difficult. Learning to lead out the area and introducing my new comp to everything and learning to live with someone different again was a lot to handle all at once. During these weeks we were having a hard time teaching lots of people and it was just a little frustrating. But this week in general was a miracle. Our new District Leader Elder L always asks what was our miracle of the day in our daily reports, so I've become fine tuned to saying that everything awesome is a miracle. But seriously! Monday was kick started with lots of teaching and finding. We found three new investigators on a Pday! And the whole week was like that. Its not that the numbers matter, but I felt like we were doing our job, inviting everyone to come to Christ and literally invited SO MANY PEOPLE to be baptized. Its pretty hilarious how that has become part of my normal day. Just inviting people to come church and be baptized and its so  great. 

We are now teaching A's dad (14 years old in young woman's) who isn't a member. He was at church on Sunday and knows a lot already. We are going to invite him today to be baptized next Saturday, so I will let you know what happens! We are also working a lot with a family we found last Sunday. We have been meeting with a wonderful family, and they are progressing. Tonight we have a family home evening with them and family and we are having lasagna. If there is one theme from this transfer its families! We have been finding and teaching a lot of people where there is a member in the family and someone is interested! Its the best kind of work! 

By the end of the week we had met EVERY SINGLE ONE OF OUR GOALS!!! We were going to have our names in the monthly periodical whooo... But what happened is that we only had 3 investigators show up to church and we needed 4. UGH. The worst is that during the meetings a contact we made on the street was calling us to try to ask what time church was because he wanted to come! But overall it was a super great week! I've got some pics but these computers are bad, so I'll send them next week.

Fun fact. Taught a lesson last night to a man who is a Mexican singer, famous and also announces for fighting like in nacho libre. If you want to know what he looks like you can look up any picture of these announcers.. seriously the most typical of typical. It was awesome. He was showing us his photos from the fights and I just could not stop smiling because it was so funny! The people actually do what they show in nacho libre. Down to the tricycles that they ride around in the streets. And Corn with cheese and mayonnaise (which is super delicious). Mexico's great. 

Love you all! 
Hermana McNaught

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