Monday, November 3, 2014

GUESS WHAT. We baptized a couple this week!!!!!! Yup, Aurora and Jose got married on Tuesday because the government was helping out this month with free weddings. When hermana Canalizo mentioned this to them they jumped right on it and then they got baptized the following Saturday! They have been waiting 6 years to get married, they just don't have enough money. It was literally the best part of my mission thus far. This family doesn't have enough money to pay for their food let alone pay to get to church, but they made it to their baptism and to their confirmation yesterday. They are so grateful to us, which is pretty funny, because we literally did nothing because they already knew everything there is to know about the missionary discussions. But their baptism was awesome. We made a big sign and while they were changing their clothes everyone went back and signed it for them and most of the ward members already know who they are because they have known the gospel for so long, so it was really special! and our district leader (now Elder Leon from Mexico) And Elder Ipabary (from Bolivia, the same) bought Jose 3 ties and me and my comp went and got them a cake to celebrate their wedding slash baptism, which was pretty hilarious, because we didn't have enough money left for this month to buy a really nice one.. so it was a bunt cake and a little Halloween themed.. but we did what we could!  I felt like in My Big Fat Greek Wedding when they try to fix the bunt cake by putting a flower in the middle. We ended up putting a big bow on top so that the Halloween was less noticeable.. It was so awesome though, when we presented the gifts Aurora started crying again and they were literally just soooo happy. I love this. And they invited me in 1 year to be at their sealing!!!
And I'm sure everyone is just dying to here about my new companion am I right? Her name is Hermana AvendaƱo, which took me about a year to be able to pronounce, but I've got it now... she mostly just calls me hermana Mick, which is fine by me. She is a convert of 3 years, and is 22 years old. She's super clean which I really like, but she isn't putting up as easily with my American breakfasts.. which is unfortunate. But its not difficult. At first she reminded me SO MUCH of Raven! And sometimes still reminds me a crazy amount of her. She's this tiny little thing. She has back problems and its really hard for her to walk a lot, this week we have 3 doctors appointments for her and she'll be in more pain with them. And for this week have been talking a lot with President George and at first he told me she was probably going to get transferred back to Tuxtla and I was going to get a new comp. But I didn't want that. Its different with her, but its a good different! I'm going to learn a lot. And it turns out she actually has two transfers left, so I might be here only for one more transfer. feel really bad for her, but she has literally been such a trooper! We walk A TON in this area and its literally huge. They didn't send elders for our second area, but the zone leaders keep asking about the area which means that they next transfer more than likely yes. Not going to lie I've gotten us lost about 5 times which is only bad because we are walking more than we should and my comp cant do that... but we always find a way, its like we have the spirit or something. Not a lot to note today, but Just so everyone knows, nothing crazy happens the day of the dead. I was disappointed so I'm sure y'all are devastated. Love you all keep on keepin on
Hermana McNaught

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