Monday, November 10, 2014

Hola amigos, familia, and fan club

Just kidding. Well we didn't teach a ton this week, but let me tell you, I witnessed some of the craziest miracles of my life!! not even kidding. this new companion of mine is something else. To start off we had this super good day and we went to go ask hermana D if she could come with us to teach somebody. she couldn't, so I thought, "hey lets go check if hermana B wants to come" so we did. And we showed up and it was like no other time I had ever been at hermana B's house. She is always smiling and joking but this time didnt say anything until she got to the gate. It turns out we showed up at exactly the right moment and her husband was drunk and wanted to fight her son... so she was crying and we ended up just singing some hymns until the husband actually came and started listening to our message too. by the time we left the husband had apologized for everything and was normal again. Hermana D had just mentioned B's name and that's why we went to her house. It was really weird because she wasn't in our plans for the day or anything. No doubt the spirit seriously led us there. Wow.

One more really cool thing, we started working more in this one street me and hermana canalizo were rarely around. And we found some super special stuff!! There are 2 different families there where someone was baptized and went inactive and their families are not members. Both of this families we just contacted on the street. Alberto and his wife are superstars for baptism. Alberto is a member but his wife accepted a date for baptism in our 2 minute contact in the street and was super pumped. She has been trying to get him to go to a church for quite some time now, and this is exactly what they needed. They also have 2 kids of 10 and 8 years. I am pretty sure we're going to have another family baptism by the time I leave tapachula. Which is so exciting.

Sunday was good, we didn't have any investigators at church really, but david and javier were there so I feel good about that! There's not a ton to note this week. Oh, just to make everyone's day, I think I had my 3rd most embarrassing moment yesterday. We were on the colectivo (bus) and they are always super bumpy and rough but this time the driver stopped extra hard and I just tipped right on over which caused 4 different men on my sides to try to help me and all of them started yelling at the driver to not be dumb which just made me feel more uncomfortable and I think it panicked my comp a little because she couldn't stop talking about it. People are good. But if you could just imagine that and laugh a little for me it would make me feel better.

Hope everyone's week is super great!
Hermana McNaught

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