Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014

Well, this is my last day with hermana canalizo!! Which means that I will be here in Tapachula for probably 3 more months because my new comp is going to start her very last transfer! She is apparently also from Puebla Mexico and Hermana Canalizo says she's great. And she was just recently a sister zone leader, so she knows her stuff! I'm excited and scared out of my mind, but overall it will be a good change. Also I don't know if we are getting knew elders in the other area, but I am really hoping that we are. It would help a bunch! 

This week we worked super hard to meet our goals! We had a bunch of lessons with members and on Sunday David's sister came to church and an inactive family of lots and lots of years that we visited and 2 more new investigators! It was super great to have a full principles of the gospel class.

Wednesday was our last district meeting with Elder Jensen who is going back home this week! Hermana Canalizo and me gave him cokes with each one of our names on it to drink on the airplane home, because he says that he misses coke a bunch and we can't drink it in this mission!

Right now we are focusing a lot on working with David's sister Fernanda and a young couple who are getting married this Tuesday and baptized this Saturday! Its super exciting and Fernanda is even more golden than David. Who knew? In Sunday school she was telling David to behave and participating and talking about the temples and everything. So she'll be baptized in 5 weeks. I know it! 

Thats about all for this week, because we have to go drop off hermana canalizo! Hope everyone has a great week!
Hermana McNaught

Oct 20, 2014

This week was nuts! On Tuesday until thursday we had intercambios, so my temporary companion was hermana Zuñiga again! Love her. It was loads of fun. But this time Hermana Canlizo went to the other area to work and me and hermana Zuñiga stayed here in this area and taught our investigators!! My first time working without my comp. SCARY! I was not sure how I was going to be able to do it, but everything worked out fine, and if I didn't know where I was going Hermana Dionisia helped us out. I have a lot more confidence in the area now and that I can plan to teach our investigators and everything! Dont get me wrong, I still have no idea what I'm doing, but I feel like if Hermana Canlizo leaves this coming cambio (ON MONDAY!! ah) then the area won't be horrible. Also great news! We got a call from president, and he said that most likely he will be sending us elders for the other area that we are looking after. So hopefully this next week we will only have to work one area and we can be a lot more efficient. Seriously that would help us so much. The other area we should only be up out until like 5 or 6 in the afternoon unless we are with members, and most people finish work or school and can be taught at that time.. so it is really not effective to have hermanas looking after this area. So we are REALLY praying that this next week their are some new missionaries here!

This week was like the highest of highs on my mission to the lowest of low! Intercambios were awesome and we had a ton of good lessons and contacted a bunch and I felt like I learned so much. Then on Friday me and hermana canalizo were super fired up from what we learned and were ready to go. But then the whole day was abandoning people. Like every stinking lesson people were saying that they didn't want us anymore or they weren't keeping commitments and it was time to let em go. 

BUT we also had some pretty awesome stuff happen this week! The whole month of October the government is paying for weddings here in Mexico. So everybody that uses this as an excuse to not get baptized its a perfect opportunity! Well, We were visiting this inactive family, the daughter Aurora has a partner and isn't a member. Last minute we brought up the fact that weddings are free this month.. and it was so awesome, this girl was like "seriously?? Awesome what do I need to do? I CAN GET BAPTIZED!!" She had been waiting for this opportunity and has already been to church lots of times. So we are planning the wedding for the 28th or 29th and she should be good to go for baptism in 2 weeks. Also we got to visit Yahir again yesterday and he was miraculously at church on Sunday because his parents are out of town and his uncle went and picked him up for the primary program. We've got faith that it will work out with him and that we're going to find lots of other people who are looking for the gospel this week! 

Also we are starting to teach Davids family! We are a little worried about David because it has been 3 weeks since he was at church... but its because he got a new job and is super busy. But were helping him out! We went to find David during intercambios and his sister answered the door. Fun fact for you, here in Mexico if you want someone to come to the door you don't really knock on the door you just shout buenas noches or tardes really really loud until someone comes outside. Its good fun. But his sister came out and we were talking to her, and she said david wasn't there, but then asked when we were going to come teach her! WHAT! so that was super cool. The only thing is that she goes away for work every weekend... so we don't really know how we are going to work with her. But yeah, really cool stuff is happening here!

Hope everyone has a great week! 
Hermana McNaught

Pic of me and hermana Gloria Gomez and me learning how to cook like a Mexican. Its just frijoles haha but one step at a time.

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