Monday, October 13, 2014

Hola familia!!

Okay so this week was great once again! I think I will start off all my letters like that. We started out on Monday without water! It hadn't rained for like 3 days and so they shut off EVERYONES WATER!!  what is this, Mexico? I have never genuinely prayed for rain. But I was praying. Luckily the night before we had filled up our big tub to wash our clothes and we were able to use that for showering and the dishes and the bathroom and everything. But then Tuesday night it rained and bam our water was back and I got to take a "normal" shower. 

Wednesday we had a day with the Bishops daughter again and she went with us to our appointments. I love going out with the youth in the ward. Teaching with them is so fun! Its too bad though, because she is moving to Tuxtla this week and so we wont be able to have her help us anymore. I was thinking about how if I get transferred I may NEVER see these people again!! That is terrible! I honestly feel like Javier, David, Octavio, and Ana and Alejandra are my friends. The mission is so great. I feel like there are people here that I just love.  I honestly love some of our investigators!  Octavia our gold of golden investigators moved 10 minutes away into another area!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!! But he doesn't want to switch missionaries... But he has to because he isn't in our area anymore. But the reason he switched houses is because in the house he was living in, the other students were drinking and smoking a lot and he didn't feel good about it anymore. So that was actually really cool.

We also have an 8 year old who has been coming to church Yahir and his parents aren't members but gave him permission to be baptized. He can be baptized before the end of this transfer! He is super adorable and super smart and its always good practice for me to teach little kids because my Spanish is the equivalent of a 5 year old. (better than a 3 year old). 

On Thursday we had a big zone conference about sanctifying our missions. there are so many things we can do to drive away the spirit in our lives! Its crazy how much we really need to do to be disciples of Christ. But its good. We buried a list of things we need to leave behind in the grass by the chapel which is so typical, but it made me think a lot and later I made a whole long list of things that really can help me! One thing about missionaries that half the time I like and half the time I don't like is that they always have this "if there is a problem we're going to fix it" attitude. 

After the conference we went to visit Maria, an older lady who lost one of her legs. She is a recent convert. During the lesson I started feeling super sick and thought I was getting a migraine which is weird because I haven't gotten one in forever. I was sharing my testimony and crying because I hurt, but it just made me look super spiritual :). After I told Hermana Canalizo that I was too sick to work and we went home and I slept for a while. then she got me up and we went to the doctors and turns out I had a stomach infection, the doctor said maybe salmonella. So it was making me dehydrated and that's why it felt like a migraine. So We got it taken care of real quick with some antibiotics and I'm good now. I think that happens a lot to the gringo missionaries here when you're new, because I have heard lots of similar stories from elders. Guess I should give it another couple of months before I say I'm Mexican...

Last night in my training, hermana canalizo was talking about recognizing the spirit. When we have the gift of the holy ghost with us always it can be hard to recognize when he's talking. But its possible and I know that if we always are trying to do what is right, we can feel good that we are doing what we need to do.

Hope everyone has a great week!
Hermana McNaught

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