Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Where did the time go?!!! I got my flight itinerary and after like 14 hours of flying and having layovers in Georgia and Mexico City I'll make it to Tuxtla Gutierrez Monday at like 4pm! They put me as travel leader but didn't give me any emergency phone numbers or anything in case of emergency.. so I'll figure that out haha. I"m traveling with me and mi companera hmna ortega, another hermana, and 2 elders all going to Tuxtla! It's going to be one heck of a day! Can't wait to call you all :) Like seriously get ready for the most fluent gospel diction spanish conversation you've ever had. Probably will blow your mind. (Chiste).

First off, thank you to everyone for letters and emails and such! The MTC is not easy, and that gives me something to look forward to all the time. I love it!

This last week here has been so bittersweet! I love my district way a ton. They are definitely like my family and I'm so bummed that we aren't all going to the same mission like most other districts get to. I may never see these people again! But I know I'm going to meet some really awesome people down in Mexico. Everyone in our district got their itinerary on Friday except for me and ortega and Elder Olaso, which means the boys are going to SPAIN!! They get there visas tomorrow. Except for Olaso who is probably going to be temporarily reassigned. I feel so bad for him! On Monday a lady came in the middle of class and told me and Ortega that we would be leaving Sunday night and then I lost it! So embarrassing!! haha I was literally just having a panic attack in the middle of class while we were learning about the Holy Ghost (the spirit was real strong). haha but I think I'm over it. I think I just realized how I'm actually going to be there! But now I'm just excited. I feel ready to go! 

This week we finished teaching (our real investigator). She is so great and is getting baptized like August 16th or something. She got me so excited to be see how the gospel can change other people's lives. She used to be hard core atheist. Ah her story makes me cry. I love her.

Also Funniest story about me and my companion! hahaha oh my gosh during one of our lessons teaching a role play investigator by our new teacher hermano Blyler (see pictures to come) we just started laughing! First off, Blyler is probably the funniest person I have ever met. And he asked us "so only mormons make it to the celestial Kingdom?" and usually when I run out of things to say I look over at Hermana Ortega and give her the look and she makes fun of me because she says that my voice gets really high pitched before I do this so she knows it's coming.. So my voice starts getting high and we really don't know how to answer this question and all the sudden we look up at Blyler and he is trying so hard not to laugh and then we all just started busting up laughing!!! hahah it was so funny. He said it wasn't even bad though, and we studied it and now I know how to answer that question! It's not members who make it, it's those who follow Christ! We taught that more in detail, but that's the gist of it.

This weeks theme was all about the Holy Ghost and Charity. The Holy Ghost can give us a whole bunch of qualities we are looking for, but the one I am striving for most now is charity!! It's a lot harder to have love for people than I thought sometimes. 

My MTC Spanish is getting really good I think. In one of our lessons with Hermano Lloyd as a fake investigator, he was talking and can be harder to understand. I was able to understand what he was saying and stuff and we were just having a converstation before we started the lesson. Hermana Ortega wouldn't say anything though!! Then like half way through the lesson I couldn't understand for a second, so I started praying for the gift of tongues, and boom just like that I caught back on and started to be able to get it again. Then I started praying for Hermana Ortega because she was not talking. And then guess what? She started saying things that I thought should be said too and they were like perfectly timed and everything. Then the craziest thing of all, at the end of the lesson she tells me "I had no idea what was going on or being said that whole lesson, but I was praying I would say something at the right time, and so I just said that and I have no idea if it fit in or anything" And I was like WAAAAT!! It was so cool. The gift of tongues and the Holy Ghost are real. I like her, she's a good companion.

Also this week we got to skype TRC to someone in Mexico City! It was awesome and he was super nice and talked SUPER slow to us, so we got most of it. haha oh man spanish is going to be beyond rough in Mexico! But I'm super excited! 

I love my mission! 
I love you all!

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