Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ok, Here it goes:

Everything in the MTC happens in a blur! It is literally insane. I'll start off with the 4th of July. We got to go out of class early to have a special devotional and when we got there the speaker took about 5 minutes and then said, "we're going to watch 17 miracles"!! I don't think I've ever been so excited to watch a stinkin movie haha. Afterward they let us go and see the fireworks from the stadium of fire and get some Ice cream and stuff. It was a late night (like 11:30 bedtime) which is hilarious because that isn't even late. 

The pictures of my district!! I LOVE THEM. We are literally like our own little family. It's the best. The 4 elders are going to Spain and were supposed to go to the Madrid MTC but they still haven't gotten their visas. Speaking of which, guess who is going to Salt Lake tomorrow to get her visa??? MEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I was so excited when I got the news because we never knew if we took that picture right. So that means I get to skip some class and go walk around. It's going to be so nice to be out in the world for a little bit. There are like 3 other missionaries I have met here that are going to my mission who will most likely be traveling with us (so don't worry mom, I won't be alone :)). 

Saturday... was interesting. It was a really good day, and the district president called me to meet with him, which was actually really exciting because the sister training leaders were leaving to Costa Rica on Monday and so we needed new Sister training leaders. I was like sweet they are going to call me to welcome the new districts in. We actually get 15 new missionaries in our zone today!! All going to Costa Rica. In one district there are 5 hermanas, one of which I went to high school with, Hermana Ellis. It will be fun to see her all the time. I'm really excited to meet them. But back to Saturday. So I go in to talk to the district president and got the biggest bummer ever. Ugh I am really sorry about Grandpa and I am honestly so glad that I was here in the MTC/on a mission because I almost feel like it was easier to handle it here where I am too busy to think about anything. But the first couple of hours were rough. Luckily Hermana Ortega is ridiculously hilarious and one of my teachers gave me a blessing. But don't worry about me, because I am doing totally fine. I have faith in the Plan of Salvation and I know that I will see him again. I am so grateful to grandpa for opening up the door to those missionaries, and i know that I would not be out here serving if it weren't for him. It is people that are ready to here the gospel and want to be closer to Christ like Grandpa wanted to that I am excited to teach. I am so happy that if he didn't know before that I was out on a mission that now he does. I know I am in the right place at the right time. I love him and I know that it must have been a warm welcoming party into the spirit world for him. I hope Grandma especially is doing okay, and if anything I wish I could have been there for her at the funeral. I am so grateful that Mom and Dad were already heading up to Canada, and I am so grateful that I ended up not being able to travel up to Canada before I left to the mission, because it allowed my last visit with grandpa to be a good one. The Lord knows what's best for us and everything happens for a reason.

The biggest things I have learned this week is just how to lean on the Lord. How to recognize and follow the Spirit. We have had some pretty amazing experiences already with Elder Jones feeling like one of the Hermanas in our room needed a blessing one night, so the elders just showed up at our door after changing back into their suits to give her a blessing. It turned out to be much needed and i am so grateful for the power of the Spirit in our lives. Elder Anderson came and spoke last night at the devotional and spoke a lot about being worthy of the Spirit. I'm grateful to be here where so many people are living in a way that the Lord can work through them. 

Thanks everyone for the emails, letters and especially the DEAR ELDERS! They have been so great. 

Hermana McNaught

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