Saturday, July 26, 2014

This week has been soooo great! It's still my favorite to just be here and teach our investigators (real or fake) and get to know my district and zone better just by like playing volleyball or basketball with them and stuff. I love it. And I"m actually getting way good at basketball haha. Not really, but like a lot better. Me and Hermana Hobbs have started going running in the mornings and it makes my day waaay better. If the MTC has taught me one thing it is that you better figure out how to manage your time, and it's super awesome when you do, who knew I could do so much in one day?
Okay so our TRC investigator this week: We heard she is getting baptized! She is actually a real investigators and she will get baptized after we leave the MTC. Me and Hermana Ortega usually just answer her questions and help her out with scripture study and stuff. It was so awesome, yesterday we left our appointment with her (which always goes over time because she loves visiting with us.. I mean, who wouldn't?) and she said "I just love you guys, and I know its a bit early for the "L" word but that's how I feel". Basically that just sums up how I feel about teaching Ivette. So great. (that "so great" is for you Cody). I literally love teaching our investigators though. One of our other "investigators" (actually just our teacher who role plays) left yesterday and won't be back until after we all leave the MTC and it was sooooo sad. I have learned so much through my teachers examples. It's like I'm the investigator to them and they are missionaries for me. I have grown to love them, even though sometimes they have to criticize us a little. But it has definitely made me better.
So Thursday me and Hermana Ortega had to skip gym and go get her vaccinations checked up on main campus and eat lunch up there. GUESS WHO WAS WORKING! MY SISTER!!!!! Awh it was so beautiful. I was like on cloud 9 the entire day. So happy. That and lunch at main campus is way better than here. Also I bore my testimony to Raven in Espanol and she was super impressed I think haha. Also speaking of seeing people I also so Brandon Chamberlain on our Sunday and Tuesday devotional! He looks like he's doing super good too. 
I have loved being able to learn spanish in the CCM. Friday me and Hermana Ortega were trying all day to just speak what we knew in Spanish and it was so fun. I got to the end of the day and in our last class I was answering why it was important to go to church in spanish. I finished my answer and all the sudden my zone was like "what hmna mcnaught when did you get fluent in spanish?" haha it wasn't that good, but I know that the Lord definitely blesses us when we try our best! I have learned so much about the atonement, and especially about faith since I have been here. 
Everything is so fun here. Me and Hermana Ortega are getting to be really good friends. I think about leaving her in a week and a half and it is so sad. She has been the perfect first companion. Sometimes I feel bad because I tell her literally everything about my day and she makes me feel better about everything, but for her she has no cares in the whole world! haha it's hilarious. Also our district is getting to be like brothers and sisters. For example, there is this awful smell that comes into our classroom randomly (aka the food is not agreeing with someone) and it's sooo gross. We keep trying to blame the smell on the vents to make people feel better but its so gross haha. So the other day Elders Cowley and Carrejo were like Hermana McNaught and Hobbs come quick we can smell the bad air coming through this vent! So we ran over and it turns out it was not coming through the vent, they just wanted us to smell their fart! Sick. So yeah, they are basically like the annoying brothers I never had.. oh wait ;) (that one was for you josh.. email me!) 
On sunday we were assigned to be Sister Training Leaders, aka Zone leaders for the sisters. At first I was like oh no, I didn't really want it because I didn't want to come off like proud I guess.. so I kind of didn't want the assignment, but It has been so great. It basically just entails going to a few extra meetings, trying to be an example and such. The only thing that is not good is that our first assignment for this was to tell a couple of girls that they weren't keeping the dress code... awkward. Luckily Hermana Ortega is hilarious so she just straight up told an hermana her skirt was too tight and it was no big deal. phew. But other than that it has really helped me and mi companera strive to be better missionaries. We made a list of qualities we wanted to have and we are working at them and it has started making us way more effective and obediant. We are always striving to be more obeidient. Never knew it wouuld be so difficult! It's awesome at the same time though. 
Okay I will just leave you with my favorite thing I learned from Tuesday's devotional, and that is that "we love Christ because he first loved us". Wow! We have all hopefully felt a moment where we have Felt Christ's love. We love him because he sacrificed for us. We love other people who feel our love first. It's as simple and as beautfiul as that. The gospel is good!!
Hermana McNaught

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